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For great value and variety, order our Half forequarter Bulk Beef Pack and fill your freezer with nine different cuts of beef plus mince and sausages. 

We select Australian pasture-fed beef cattle mainly from Victorian farms. Our Half Bulk Beef Pack is prepared by our skilled butchers from approximately a quarter of the forequarter (front half) of the carcass. Halacha (Jewish law) forbids Jews to eat the sciatic nerve located in the hindquarter (rear half) of the animal; we follow the European minchag (custom) that the hindquarter is not used for kosher meat because of the risk of not removing the sciatic nerve completely.

Please note: The quarter of the forequarter is weighed for billing purposes before processing, and at that stage it weighs approximately 28–33 kg. After processing, with the removal of bone and fat, the final weight is approximately 18–19 kg.

Freeze mince immediately after receiving your order if not using within 24 hours. Freeze all other beef products within 24 hours if not using within 1 day of receiving your order. 


Half Bulk Beef Pack contents:

  • 1.5 kg bola 
  • 1.5 kg brisket 
  •  67 scotch fillet steaks 
  •  23 schnitzels
  •  5– 6 oyster blade steaks 
  •  1 rolled roast or 34 frozen BBQ steaks (you choose)
  •  3 pieces top rib
  •  2 pieces no-bone top rib 
  •  1 kg gravy beef 
  •  4.5 kg beef mince (divided into 41/2 convenient packs)
  •  2 kg goulash 
  •  1 kg sausages 


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