Melbourne Kosher Butchers will be closing early on Wednesday the 22nd june due to the family simcha.

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This Half Bulk Beef is approx half of the quarter of the Whole Beef, which is approximately 28-33 kg, then yielding approx 18-19 kg of delicious meat varieties after being cut and prepared. You get: 1.5kg bola, 1.5kg brisket, 6-7 steaks, 2-3 schnitzels, 6 oyster blades, rolled roast or frozen BBQ steaks, 3 top rib, 2 top rib no-bone, 1kg gravy beef, 4.5kg beef mince, 2kg goulash, 1kg sausages. Freeze product within 24 hours if not using within 1 day of receiving your order.

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