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Brisket is 3 separate cuts of meat from the cow’s breast area, and includes the whole brisket (breast), the lean point cut, and the fattier section known as the navel cut. These meats are ideal for slow cooking, smoking, or pulled beef – and if you’re into American BBQ, this is the cut for you!

Our rule of thumb when cooking brisket is to plan on 30 to 60 minutes per half kilo (approx 1 pound).

This Full Beef Brisket trimmed with the cap weighs approximately 3-3.5 kg, with the Half Beef Brisket trimmed with the cap weighing approximately 1.5-1.6 kg.

Freeze product within 24 hours if not using within 1 day of receiving your order.

Cut PriceQuantity
Full $158.55
Half $72.48

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